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the simple dating site Running your own payroll system can work out to be expensive.  Manual recording or paying for yearly software renewals is often not cost effective.  With HMRC/Revenue Commissioner fines, it is more important than ever to ensure your returns are filed on time.


go site You didn’t start your business to become and accountant. As companies grow, many owners/managers find themselves with less and less time for routine tasks. Ultimately, the financial & administration systems fail, then core business suffers. With HMRC inspections become more routine and fines increasing, it is imperative that your returns are filed accurately and on time. Infotax takes care of these deadlines, freeing you up to run your business. Outsourcing to Infotax will enable you to benefit from decreased employee costs, which for businesses are usually one of the largest expenses. If you still need convincing, read our “Why Outsource” page for further information.

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Avail of Highly Trained Staff

binäre optionen zockerei Many SME’s find it difficult to recruit skilled staff if they only have a few hours a week to offer. Hiring skilled, experienced and highly trained staff is still costly. Infotax offers skills that are usualy only available to larger businesses with extensive salary budgets[/one_third]

Prices Include The Following Services

  • New employer registration
  • Payroll setup in HMRC/ROS accredited software
  • Ongoing staff amendments
  • Payroll calculations including statutory payments/deductions
  • Processing & emailing of payslips
  • Preparation of BACS files, if required
  • Reports for each month/quarter itemising your HMRC/Revenue Commissioners payments
  • Completion of P45/P46 and other HMRC/Revenue Commissioner forms
  • Year end P14/P60/P35 printing & filing
  • Management and continuous reconciliation of HMRC/Revenue payments
  • Liaison with HMRC/contributions Agency/revenue inspections, participation in statutory inspections

Client Testimonials

I used to employ a girl in the office part-time, but found I hadn’t enough work to keep her busy, so I had to let her go. I struggled to keep on top of things after that, but Infotax has been fantastic. My payroll is processed quickly and my VAT returns are picked up, taken care of and returned, no more missed deadlines and HMRC letters - H Henry Farmer & Haulage Contractor
We are a recent start-up, Whist Ltd, who engaged Infotax as our independent bookkeeper right at the beginning. They have proved to be reliable, flexible and have delivered all that has been promised. All at this a very reasonable rates. Their expertise of the nuts and bolts of financial management has kept us on the financial straight and narrow and general business experience has been of help in several areas, such as dealing with HMRC, company legislation and the like. They have helped us avoid mistakes, some of which could have been costly. They are worth every penny of their fee and I thoroughly recommend Infotax to everyone. - Lyn McDowell Whisht Ltd